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News Summary!

Catch Keith on stage this summer in his second year as part of the Fresh Fruit Festival playing Peter in CUSTODY alongside his beautiful wife, Anne Pasquale. Performances are July 10 @ 8pm; July 13 @ 7pm; July 16 @ 4pm - 195 E 3rd St, NYC.

Do you know me?

Did you know that I have hunted evil supernatural beings with Corbin Bernsen, lured Josh Pais away from Jane Adams and Dreama Walker, and shot a Frenchman at the direction of Jonathan Frakes?!? See? I get around!

I was born in Kentucky on a cold winter's day. Being a professor's brat I never stayed in one place too long. From Kentucky I moved to North Carolina to Germany to Florida to Indiana to Washington, DC to Indiana to Malaysia to Minnesota to -- where I've always been heading: New York City.

I've appeared in more than two dozen independent films. My television credits include Boardwalk Empire, pilots for Showtime, Comedy Central, and the WE network, and two episodes of Forensic Files for Court TV. You can hear me on CDs (and on my Reel page) of new musicals still in development. I've appeared on stage here in NYC in the NY International Fringe Festival (a couple of times), the Midtown International Festival and many other NYC theaters. I worked at various theaters in Minneapolis including Dudley Riggs (with Peter Tolan), The Children's Theatre Company, and Chanhassan Dinner Theatre (with Jerry Mitchell). I've studied (and continue to train) with the likes of Geraldine Baron, Richard Scanlon, Gene Bullard, Kim Stern, VP Boyle, Bob Krakower and the incredible teachers at Circus Warehouse.

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